Transport & Safety Week 9/10/2017 TO 13/10/2017

Acquainting our little learners with the theme Transportation  and Traffic Rules and safety , a Transport & Safety Week was observed by the students Junior Block from 9th October to 13th October .The students were involved in many activities wherein they were explained to take care of safety in school, in buses, on the playground and on the road as well. They were educated about obeying the traffic rules, caution to be maintained while being on road and following the  traffic signal. A demonstration was given by creating a road scene with zebra crossing and traffic signals, which left children high spirited. Through videos , images and worksheets , teachers also explained the various safety measures against fire, electric switches, plugs, sharp objects etc. The week promised a fun filled learning along with a touch  of practicality of various dos and  don’ts  regarding safety .