Play, Fun and Enjoy

"Some lessons can only be learnt on the playground..."

At MIS, we lay a strong emphasis on sports and physical development. Professional coaches play a great role in honing the player's skills. Students are put through physical exercises and drills, besides long runs to enable them to become physically fit and strong. For all the sports, the trainees are tutored and mentored by committed coaches, who use their knowledge and expertise to help young talents realize their potential. They ensure that the trainees have an experience of a lifetime to follow their passion. Residential and dining facilities are also provided to the aspiring players.

Team Work

Sports help in developing a sense of belongingness, and being part of a group, enabling to work in a team environment. Besides, it helps the students to interact with peers in a social and friendly manner.

Relieve Stress

Sports and games encompass more than just the benefits of physical things, they increase confidence, self-esteem and mental alertness which make them an essential part of the curriculum.

Fitness for Life

Regular physical activity helps in reducing the risk of chronic diseases and improves students' metabolism.