Special Assembly ‘Guru Purnima’ 07.07.2017

All students need a Guru or a teacher to lead them to the path of righteousness so that whatever work they do in their life , do it the right way and they do not do any harm to others. Guru Purnima is one such day when the Guru or the teacher is worshipped for the work he does for his disciples.

On Friday, 7.07.17, Guru Purnima was celebrated for which a special assembly was conducted by students of class II. The program commenced with regular shloka, prayer, thought and amazing fact. Class II & UKG students read out Shlokas dedicated to the teachers. Class UKG students presented a wonderful dance performance. It was followed by Guru Vandana presented by class II. Headmistress Mrs. Neetu Joshi enlightened the students on the importance of teachers & parents in a student’s life.