Shloka Chanting Competition 06.07.2018

‘Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. The beauty of its sound, precision in pronunciation and reliability as well as thoroughness in every aspect of its structures, makes it a unique language.’

Sanskrit became the ‘lingua franca’ for the students of classes III-VII during an ‘Inter-House Shloka Chanting Competition’ conducted for the students of classes from III to VII on 6th July, 2018. Shlokas fill up our minds with positive vibrations and thoughts. The students participated with great gratification and vehemence. The entire vicinity reverberated with the flawless chanting of shlokas. The audience was left spellbound by the marvelous rendition of the students. The competition refrained amidst great applause and cheering. The participants were very confident to chant shlokas with rhythm and also explained their meaning in Hindi. The criteria for judgment were based on content, clarity in speech, pronunciation and confidence. The students were elated and excited throughout the competition.