Safety and Self Defence Work shop for girls 02.08.2018

With a purpose to aware and educate the girls in preventive and curative counter protective measures that can be taken in life-threatening situations, a Work Shop on Self-defence was conducted at Medi-Caps International School on Thursday, 2nd August,2018. It was organized by Sports Association of Mixed Martial Arts M.P. Mr. Basant Sharma, Chief instructor was the special guest. Ms. Neha Solanki the Vice President was also present on the occasion. The guest were welcomed with a bouquet by the school Principal Mr. Manoj Bajpai. The girls of classes III to XI participated in it. Mr. Basant Sharma explained the meaning of self-defence and its importance. A discussion was held on safety precautions at road, home, school and public places.  Girls and Female staff received training and learnt various techniques of self defence, Dewanshi Joshi, Vanshika Jain, Megha Mujalde, Purvi Khatod, Ananya Mourya, Gunjan Khushlani and Yukti Khatri demonstrated the moves of self defence, prominent ones being hand blade, neck strike, finger thrust on face, front kick from ankle, basic punch and wrist lock. Students were motivated to do power exercises and take balanced diet daily for healthy mind and body.