Rules & Regulations

Discipline and Virtue” are the hallmark of every MIStian

A cultured Code of Conduct is a time-honored and long cherished tradition of the hostel. Every student is exhorted to observe the rules and regulations whole-heartedly and in right spirit.

  1. Student should maintain high discipline inside the hostel and at the dining hall. Each student is expected to sincerely practice obedience and reverence to teachers and elders. It is said “Humility is the hallmark of a good student.” Mutual courtesy and gentlemanly behavior is important as it will promote peace and harmony among the students.
  2. Students should always maintain punctuality. It is a must in the disciplined life pattern of the hostel. All students are expected to be on time for all sessions whether in school or in the hostel.
  3. Students should keep their belongings (even pens, pencils, etc) in the racks provided and ensure that they are locked when they go out of the room. If any student looses any article, the school is not responsible.
  4. Students are not encouraged to keep any ready cash or valuables with them.
  5. All students are required to maintain high standard of personal and room cleanliness as well as the cleanliness of the surroundings. They should keep their things in order.
  6. Students should maintain personal hygiene. They should take bath and brush their teeth both in the morning and in the evening. Every day the checking will be done to ensure the same.
  7. The shoe rack can be used for one pair of black shoes, one pair of sports shoes, and one pair of bathroom slippers. Students are not supposed to keep more than the specified items.
  8. Eatables are not allowed inside the Hostel. No deviation in this will be entertained.
  9. Voluntarily maintaining silence during mass gatherings like assembly, in dining hall, inside classroom, temple etc. is expected from every student. Indulging in loud talk and idle chat is inexcusably condemned.
  10. Leaving the hostel premises for any reason other than attending School and Temple, without explicit permission from the warden is not encouraged. Overnight stay outside the hostel without permission is forbidden.
  11. No student is allowed to come out of the hostel during stipulated times or to stay in the hostel without obtaining permission from the warden. Violating this will be viewed seriously.
  12. In case of sickness, students should report immediately to the warden and co-operate in taking medicines.
  13. In the event of a student’s presence being absolutely required at home, other than during the vacation, he should furnish the following to the Warden along with the leave application:
    a) The requisition letter from the parent.
    b) Permission letter from the School authority / the Doctor-in-charge (in case, it is for health reasons).
    The Warden, then, at his discretion may permit the student to go home and return to the hostel within the stipulated time.
  14. No student is allowed to keep medicines with him. Only the Duty Nurse / Warden In charge is allowed to keep them and administer them.
  15. Students are expected to wear decent dress and maintain short and well-groomed hairstyle. Boys should not wear T-shirts with round neck; slogans printed on shirts, jeans pants with low waist / number of pockets. They should wear decent dress, even on holidays/Sundays
  16. Students should not go to other’s room without the permission of the warden. If they do so, a fine will be imposed.
  17. Students should switch off the fans & lights as and when they don’t need (are not in use.)
  18. Students should not keep and use electronic items like camera, walkman, i-pod, cell phone, etc., in the hostel. Defaulter will be fined.
  19. It is mandatory for students to talk to their parents over phone on the specified day. They should not contact either relatives or friends without calling their parents.
  20. Students should mention the details of items brought from their place in the prescribed format, show them physically and submit the list to the warden.
  21. Students should wakeup and report for jogging on time. Violating this will be viewed seriously.
  22. Damage of school’s property by any means and wastage of water/food will be viewed very seriously.
  23. Parents/guardians alone are permitted to meet their wards between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sundays only and not on any other holiday. No visitor is permitted to meet any student on working days.
  24. Personal possession of Iron, tape recorder or transistor, video games etc. is not allowed in the hostel.
  25. Students are expected to write letters once a week to their parents.

Students will be suspended from the school for the following acts:

  1. Using unfair means in any examination
  2. Consistent unsatisfactory progress
  3. Immorality
  4. Stealing or extortion of money and / or items from other students
  5. Breaking bounds
  6. Damaging school property
  7. Any word or action likely to undermine the reputation of the institution
  8. Bulling, assaulting and ragging in any form
  9. Smoking, alcohol & use of other psychotropic drugs and substances
  10. Misbehavior with authorities, supporting child in the misconduct by any parent or relative.

Note:-Any breach of the rules and regulations mentioned above is not tolerated more than twice and will be intimated to the parents. The hostel and school authorities reserve the right to expel any student from the hostel and the school at any time of the year if his/her behavior is found wanting. After taking assurance from the parents, a re-admission fee will be collected from that particular student.