Junior Block

First Assembly 15.06.16

First assembly for the session 2016-17 was conducted by Principal, headmistress and teachers .It started by saraswati pujan and lighting of lamp. Teachers welcomed their students with melodious song presentations, dances and action songs. The Principal addressed and welcomed the students on this occasion and encouraged them to keep improving day by day. The Assembly concluded with the National Anthem.

English Handwriting Competition   (I & II) 30.06.16

English handwriting competition was held for students of class I and II and was judged on the basis of style, flair, neatness and layout. MIS main motive is to encourage young pupils to continuously improve their writing skills. 30-6-2016

Dental Hygiene Day 01.07.16

To tell students the importance of brushing and flossing our teeth, the junior block students celebrated Dental Hygiene Day .Our honourable guest Dr. Brajesh Mangal and Dr. Renu Mangal gave basic knowledge about dental hygiene through presentation and also highlighted importance of setting daily routine of brushing our teeth two times a day to children . A questionnaire part was held to satisfy the queries of students. Headmistress of MIS gave vote of thanks to guest for coming and sharing valuable information to our students.

Vegetable Day 15.07.16

Vegetable day was dedicated to getting students eating their veggies & also in spreading awareness of their diversity & necessity in a healthy diet. Children came in every colour of rainbow, almost every believable shape & size. Children took a walk in quadrangle to learn importance of vegetables like vegetable market ,vegetable jewelry corner, puzzle corner etc where they had lots of fun.

Salad Decoration 16.07.16

Salad dressing competition was held for class I and II. Children made delicious salads, decorating them beautifully. The competition did not matter. All were winners and all enjoyed the experience. Children showed their skills at arranging vegetables decoratively for the salad dressing competition.

Show and Tell 22.07.16

Show and Tell competition for students of classes Nursery to UKG to show case the presentation skills of our juvenile children. In this competition, students brought a number of different objects like Doll, Barbie, Car, Fruits, Umbrella etc & used it in an innovative way to describe it with lot of confidence, facial expression & voice modulation.

Poem Recitation 30.07.16

Poem recitation competition was specially organized to enhance the confidence and speaking skill of the students. Students of class I and II participated in the competition with great enthusiasm.

Independence Day Celebration 12.08.16

Independence day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at MIS. The children presented patriotic songs that reverberated in the surroundings. The melodious music and graceful movements of dancers were spellbinding. The school presented a mélange of patriotic activities which created an atmosphere of national pride in school premises.

Fun With Colors Coloring Competition (Nursery -UKG) 20.08.16

Colouring competition was held for students of Nursery to UKG. All students participated in the competition. The students were very passionate about using their imagination for the colouring competition. This competition was held to enable the students to think creatively and craft new ideas. The main motive was to strengthen the gripping power of students.

Collage Making  (I & II) 20.08.16

Collage making is a very interesting branch of art in which the poster is made by pasting the unused/discarded pieces of papers/ magazines with the help of gum on paper. Through this students were given enough chance to explore & experiment, so that they come up with great ideas which simply take our breath away. 20-08-2016

Janmashtmi Celebration 24.08.16

Janmashtami was celebrated with sheer devotion and joy. Tiny tots came dressed up as Radha and Krishna bringing mesmerizing memories from GOKULDHAM. The school premises was decorated to give it a look of Vrindavan . Students recited bhajans and songs, presented heartwarming skit representing the ultimate epitome of spirituality. All programes presented by students infused school atmosphere with divine aura.

 Role Play (Community Helper's Day)  Nur- UKG 09.09.16

Community Helpers day was celebrated to create awareness about the role of helpers in our day-to-day life. Children expressed their views about the role of helpers in our surrounding areas. Some students were dressed up as policemen while others as doctors, some as milkmen, other as pilots, some as plumber others as lawyers. It was amazing to see the children speak about what they dressed up as. 09-09-2016

Ganesh Visarjan 15.09.16

Students celebrated ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ in a unique way. As the school is concerned about the fast degrading environment caused by air and water pollution. Ganesh idols were made up of clay. A ‘Bhajan Sandhya’ consisting of ‘Aarti’ about Lord Ganesha followed the pooja. The nine day festival came to an end with students submerging the idols of Ganesha in the water tub.

Story Telling

Story Telling helps in vocabulary development and sense of imagination is enhanced. It also helps in development of moral and ethical values which a child can imbibe in his/her daily life. Story is narrated to the children with the help of puppets, pictorial charts, flash cards, dramatization and audio visual aids.

Yoga - (Class I & II)

Yoga is another magnificent activity conducted for children from Nursery to Class II. They are taught various asanas by qualified professionals which improves their flexibility and soothes their mind. Each class is so organized that the yoga practices takes care of all facets of our personality. This leaves the child’s body/mind complex in a state of equilibrium enabling him or her to function better.

Special Assembly on Gandhi Jayanti 03.10.16

A special assembly was organized by the students of Grade 2 A that marked the celebration of Gandhi Jayanthi in the school. The theme of the remarkable assembly was set with thought for the day Chidren delivered speech bringing into limelight Gandhiji’s contribution in building the nation and the significance of celebrating Gandhi Jayanthi. A few facts about Gandhiji were shared in the form of a skit. Students came in Gandhi’s attire conveyed Gandhi’s dream of India to all. The assembly was concluded with the message of Headmistress on Gandhi Jayanthi.

Raas Garba 07.10.16

Navratri festivities got underway at junior block with amazing zeal amongst the children to celebrate the nine day festival and invoke blessings of Goddess Durga in various forms. The students of class nursery to class II came dressed in traditional attire which made for a spectacular visual treat for everyone to see and relish. The positivity and energy exuberating out of the colorful costumes combined with enthusiasm of dancing to the dandiya folk songs made the entire day extremely successful and fruitful.

Pottery Workshop 19.10.16

19-10-2016 - Clay is a wonderful and endlessly versatile medium. It is a great way to introduce art to our curious children or help the budding artist expand his or her creativity. With this motive on Wednesday, 19th October, a skilled potter was invited to teach students how to make ceramic pieces from wet clay using their best tools - their hands. Students were made to use the potter's wheel to make bowls, cups and more. Children are encouraged to recognize and value the cultural forms and traditions that constitute artistic heritage.

Annual Function 27.11.16

Medicaps International School proudly celebrated its 2nd Annual Day Anandotsav, with great pomp and splendour, on November 27, 2016. The ceremonial function was graced by renowned and revered personalities of the city like Mr. Madhav Ganesh Pranjpe - Director of Satya Sai Group of Schools and Mr. P.S. Dixit – Director of Jain Group of Schools. The junior Medicaptains in their colourful costumes and graceful steps enthralled the audience with their various performances. They took the audience to their world i e. The Fantasy World. The senior block students too continued to astound the audience and presented a mesmerizing show by taking up the theme, Rishtey: The bond of love. The programme compared modern relationships with the ancient ones. The students presented their fountain of talents during these fantastic series of presentations. The programme rose to a final crescendo with the finale of the show which showed that still a new beginning can be done and the relationships can be mended by saving that spark from fading away.

Regional Science-Exibition 17.12.16

Medicaps International School proudly hosted a three day CBSE Regional Science Exhibition where 51 schools from different cities of Madhya Pradesh took part. Students portrayed their innovation and creativity by displaying and explaining different informative models and charts on the theme provided by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The theme for the exhibition was 'Science Technology and Mathematics for nation building' with various sub themes. The revered jury members declared the results after observing the models minutely and asking a series of questions related to the models during the two rounds of judgement on December 17 and 18. Twenty participating teams were selected for the next round to compete at the national level. The last day of the exhibition was made open for all the schools of the city.

Christmas Celebration 23.12.16

Christmas was celebrated with full spirit on 23rd Dec,'2016 by Junior Block. In keeping with the Christmas spirit, the whole school wore a festive look and was tastefully decorated. The students dressed in Red & White clothes enjoyed thoroughly and imbibed a message of loving, caring, sharing and respecting all as was preached by Jesus himself. Some of the students attired as Santa Clause attracted the attention of the audience. The children sang in very festive mood "Jingle Bells" and danced to the numbers like "We wish you a Merry Christmas" etc. The whole school echoed with the holy hymns recited by the students.

Christmas + Card Making 23.12.16

CARD MAKING COMPETITION Friday 23rd Dec. 2016 To mark the festive occasion of New Year and Christmas, ' Card Making competition' was conducted for students of Grades I & II on Friday, 23 rd December. Students were asked to design, draw, color, paint or decorate the given greeting card using any materials brought by them and finish the work in a stipulated time frame. The cards were judged based on design, materials used, skill and presentation. The cards were decorated with various materials such as stickers, bindis, lace, glitter powders, sequins etc. The response for the event was overwhelming and each card was unique and beautiful showing the interest and creativity of each student.

Workshop by pranjpe sir 27.12.16

Workshop On” How to be a good teacher” School organised a seminar on ‘How to be a good teacher’, which was conducted by the renowned educationalist and Director of Shri Satya Sai Vidhya Vihar, Mr. Madhav Ganesh Pranajpe. He stressed on developing harmonious relationship in the classroom. He reminded the teachers about the expectations of the society from them citing the example of the surveys conducted by various organizations. He also explained how a teacher can take the nation on the path of progress. Teachers found this session very beneficial and helpful.

workshops - by KP Joshi Sir 28.12.16

Workshop On ‘Scientific temperament of East and West’ The School organized a workshop for teachers on the topic ‘Scientific temperament of East and West’ on December 27, 2016, which was conducted by renowned educationist Dr. K.P.Joshi. He threw light on how ancient India was far more scientific in approach in comparison to western countries. In order to sustain the culture and scientific temperament in students, he insisted the teachers to teach the students in such a manner that they must never accept any fact until it can be practically proved. This brought great enthusiasm in teachers.

Senior Block

Parents Orientation Program 28.05.16

Medicaps International School firmly believes that “A parent is a teacher at home and a teacher is a parent in school and the child is the centre of our universe." So, to familiarize our dear parents, “as partners in progress” with the curriculum, rules and regulations of the boarding house, teaching methodologies and the co-scholastic activities, an Orientation Programme was organized for the parents of our beloved students on May 28, 2016

School Reopening 08.06.16

“Education is the most powerful weapon, which we can use to change the world”-- these are the words of Nelson Mandela which motivate us all the time. Medi Caps International School began its journey of another successful year on the June 8th, 2016. The first day of school was a joyful day for both students and teachers with the theme “Back To School”.Children witnessed various activities as a part of the schedule. The day began with introduction of students and teahers, children went for school visit, played treasure hunt, indulged in musical activities, watched motivational videos and enjoyed a lot. The day helped them gather their energy back for the whole session and made coming back to school an all new experience full of fun, enjoyment and learning.

English Writing Competition 10.06.16

As we all agree to the fact that handwriting is a reflection of one’s personality. Even in the age of technology, handwriting remains the primary tool of communication and knowledge assessment for students in the classroom. Medi-Caps International School organized a handwriting competition. An overwhelming majority of students put in their best foot forward to perfect their handwriting and win the competition. The closely contested competition presented a challenging task for the teachers to judge the winners.

Poem Recitation Competition 17.06.16

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found its words. A poem is meant for enjoyment. Beauty is the realm of the poetry, the children enjoy the beauty of expression, thoughts, feeling, rhyme, rhythm and music of words. Taking all these facts into consideration the children got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence through poem recitation competition.

Special Assembly (Class IX B Kairos) 18.06.16

“Kairos means the right opportunity or the right moment to achieve your sky.” MIS organised a one week assembly on the theme Kairos. Students were guided to be optimistic, disciplined, to have leadership skills, learn from their failure, be ambitious, to reach goal of their life and to make the maximum out of the given opportunity.

Celebrating International Yoga Day 21.06.16

"Yoga is a journey of the self through the self, to the self" The world follows India’s rich heritage of Yoga through International Yoga Day. It was celebrated on 21st June to bring peace, harmony and happiness to every soul in the world. This was a great opportunity to imbibe the value of being closer to your soul. Children got the chance to know how yoga embodies unity of mind and body.

Book Mark Competition 24.06.16

Einstein has rightly said, “Creativity is contagious- pass it on”. With the same perspective in view, MIS organised a bookmark making competition. The students put their best creative heads and made innovative, ingenious and splendid bookmarks. Everyone who saw the creative bookmarks, praised the students and complimented the art department for the artistic dexterity infused in the students.

Book Jacket Competition 24.06.16

The words of Maya Angelou “You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have" truly befits the idea of organising an innovative Book Jacket Making Competition for the students of classes 6th- 9th on the 24th of June 2016. The students came up with extraordinary thoughts and ideas and it was a treat for the eyes to watch such incredible works of art being displayed by the students. All sorts of accessories from button holes to denim pieces and more were crafted to perfection and given way to marvellous creations.

Sports Day (Classes III-V) 01.07.16

All works and no play make Jack a dull boy”. This proverb highlights the importance of playful activities in our life. Sports help improve both physical and mental strength. Our body remains fit and healthy. The sports day was held on July 1, 2016 at the school ground in a frolicsome atmosphere. Many entertaining and energizing games were organised for the students. The event was marked by a string of spectacular performances presented by the champs of the classes VI-IX, who were brimming with enthusiasm and sportsmanship.

Id Special Assembly 06.07.16

Celebrating multifarious cultures and festivals symbolizes the unity of an international community, which our school takes pride in. To commemorate the occasion of Id Ul Fitr, the students of MIS presented a special assembly which comprised of a mesmerising skit and a melodious song. They prayed to the Almighty and wished to infuse a spirit of brotherhood and love in all the countrymen.

Assembly - Save Environment 16.07.16

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” It is our responsibility to imbibe the value of loving and saving the nature. To perceive this aim a special assembly was conducted on the theme ‘Save environment’. Students enacted a village scene portraying the importance of trees and saving this valuable gift of nature.

Guru Purnima Celebration 19.07.16

"Just as the moon shines by reflecting the light of the sun, and glorifies it, all disciples can dazzle like the moon by gaining from their Gurus." Guru Purnima was celebrated at MIS on July 19, 2016 with great fervour and zeal. The students presented a mesmerising dance. Teachers were greeted by students with a humble gesture of applying 'Tilak' to their foreheads as a token of their love and respect.

Fancy Dress (Classes III-V) 22.07.16

Medi- Caps Senior Block organised a very colorful Inter House Fancy Dress Competition on the theme’ Monsoon”on 22nd July 2016. Children were disguised as frog, cloud, thunder rainbow etc. They expressed themselves confidently and performed wonderfully. The show also drew attention of extensive media.

Elocution (Classes VI to VIII) 22.07.16

MIS aims at creating good orators which is possible when a proper blend of practice and good exposure is provided to the students .The oration skills and expressive presentation can really make few stand apart from the others. An elocution Competition for classes 6th to 9th was organised. Students expressed their views on the topic ‘Is modern education capable of inculcating moral values in the students’. Winners won accolades from the audience for their extraordinary oration skills.

FA PTM 23.07.16

Teachers and parents are partners in progress of the child and we can make learning happen in a play way method without stress. An open-house meeting was organised after the Formative Assessment-1. The main purpose of the meet was to give the parents an overview of the academic & non academic activities taking place in the school. Parents were shown the performance of their children in FA 1.

Marathi Sannand Competition 24.07.16

Sanand Nyas, a well-known community of Marathi people engaged in various cultural events and actively involved in organizing theatrical and musical programs with an objective of bringing unity among its audience. The Marathi music lovers from different schools of Indore and nearby places were in for an Inter school Marathi Group Song Competition organised by Sanand Nyas on 26/7/2016 at Khandwa Road DAVV auditorium. The school participated and was appreciated by the audience and the judges.

Monsoon Day Celebration 28.07.16

The beautiful blue sky and the wonderful shower of rain marked the Monsoon day celebration at MIS. ‘Monsoon’ is the season to enjoy and celebrate the rain, so the Medi-Captains, were all geared up to celebrate Monsoon Day on July 28th 2016. Students presented awesome and mesmerising dances on various songs related to rain and welcomed the monsoon.

Olympiad Winners 28.07.16

Competition is always a good thing it forces us to do our best. Medi-Captains also got chance to showcase their talent and proved their mettle in the national level competitions organised by the Science Olympiad Foundation. Aditya Bisen of class VIII secured position and got medals in IMO, NSO and NCO and Rishika Solanki of class IX also got medal in IMO.

Hindi News Presentation 29.07.16

Senior block of Medi-Caps International School witnessed a flurry of news presentations where students enacted the roles of newsreaders, reporters and common man on the occasion of Hindi news presentation competition. Children expressed themselves confidently and gave way to their creative instinct.

Hindi Reading Competition 29.07.16

Reading is essential for a child’s success. All too often, the barriers faced by children with difficulty in reading outweigh their desire to read and, without proper guidance, they never overcome them. In today’s changing scenario, Hindi isn’t getting its due importance and children are getting away from their national language. Keeping these factors in mind, MIS organized a Hindi reading competition for the classes III to V. Children read very enthusiastically and proved that Medi-Captians are nowhere less.

Science Centre Visit the School 02.08.16

Knowledge has no boundaries and imagination is endless. This thought was truly defined when Medi-Caps School students witnessed SCIENCE DAY where knowledge met imagination. Creativity met wonder and excitement met magic all under one roof. The day started off with a magic show and then went on a journey into space with the mobile Planetarium. Science on Wheels experience made all go spell bound with unique presentations and models shown inside a bus. The show was successful with students gaining lot of knowledge about science.

Inter-House Maths Quiz Competition 04.08.16

Inter-house Quiz Competition Education and competitions are very closely related as competitions are put in education for the development of educational skills. Quizzes are great because they are just what their name suggests. An inter-house quiz competition was organized for the classes 3 to 5. Teams participated with great enthusiasm. They skillfully answered the questions of English ,Hindi ,Maths ,E.V.S and G.K . Though some of the questions were very tricky, the teams tried to answer them with confidence. The questions put forth to the teams were intriguing, exciting and made the audiences go ‘Aah!’ and clap when the teams answered correctly. The audience also got a chance to participate as special audience round was also organized.

English Reading Competition 04.08.16

Reading is fun – and it is also one of the useful ways of learning a new language. The importance of reading cannot be underestimated, as reading stretches the child’s mind and introduces him/her to the world of wonder that is literature. Keeping this into consideration, school organised an inter-house English Reading Competition for the students on August 4, 2016.

Independence Day Celebration 15.08.16

To mark the auspicious occasion Medi-Caps International School celebrated the Independence day with great zeal and enthusiasm. The day started off with unfurling of the tricolor followed by parade and an array of events following. Debate, Cultural dance, Yoga performance were the highlights of the show. A biography of Dr. Suresh Adwani was read, who is a famous oncologist and an inspiring personality. The day also witnessed the INVESTITURE CEREMONY of the newly appointed School Council, where the council members took their oath of office and promised to give their best for the pride of the esteemed school.

Janmashtmi Celebration 20.08.16

As the words of Lord Krishna goes...” For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the wicked and for the establishment of the righteous dharma, I come into being from age to age. The divine power has always taught its disciples to follow the path of dharma. The celebration took place with sheer enthusiasm. Students performed different phases of Lord Krishna’s life. The audio and visual performances were a treat to watch. It was a great motivation for all the students.

Rakhi and Card Making Competition 30.08.16

Relationships are the essence of any festivity and it holds true for any Indian festival. Each occasion brings the family together which calls for a celebration. Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of one such relation – that of a brother and a sister. A Card and Rakhi Making Competition was organized at MIS. Students from all classes participated in the celebration and made colourful and beautiful cards and Rakhis which got appreciation of all the teachers.

Special Assembly On Truthfulness By (Class 4 'A') 02.09.16

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the Sun, the Moon, and the truth.” Along with the academic guidance, Medi-Caps International School believes in inculcating moral values in the students. A special assembly was conducted by the students of class IV to explain the importance of truthfulness. The Medi-Captains presented a skit on truthfulness to portray the importance of speaking the truth.

Matra Pujan Celebration 08.10.16

Keeping the legacy going, MIS witnessed yet another episode of the Matra Poojan Utsav, where mothers were invited as the honourable guests.Programs were organized to pay tribute to the lovely bond between a mother and her child . The atmosphere was electrifying with dances and songs, with skits and mime, with the holy ‘puja’ and chanting of verses(shlokas) echoing in the air. All the mothers enjoyed and appreciated each and every moment and shared their experiences too.

Rajasthan Tour 08 Oct-14 Oct 16

An educational tour is an opportunity to enhance the knowledge of students and to help them to see the clear picture of the theoretical things they have learnt so far. Medi-Caps International School organized a seven day educational tour to Jaipur Udaipur and Mt. Abu, from October 8 to October 14, 2016. It was great learning experience for the students as they visited many sites of historical significance like Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Jaipur Museum, Dilwara Temple, City Palace, Pratap statue and Saheliyon Ki Bari. They also enjoyed the company of nature by watching the mesmerizing scenes at Nakki Lake, Fateh Sagar and Sunset Point. After having fun with their friends, students returned to the classroom with a renewed focus on their schoolwork

Academic Exhibition 15.10.16

The day marked an excellent display of concept and knowledge on various subjects like Science, Maths, Social Sciencec etc. with students exhibiting their models in a very comprehensive manner. The audience was truly enthralled to see the poise and confidence with which each model/project was represented. A great day at MIS indeed.

Inter-School Quiz Competition 15.10.16

SDPS Girls' International School organized an Inter-School Quiz Competition under the aegis of Sahodaya, on October 15, 2016. Many reputed schools of the city participated in it. A team of three students Daksh Badjatya, Aditya Bisen and Priyansh Mantri represented the school in the competition. Several questions related to different fields like Science & Technology, History, Geography, Current Affairs etc were asked. Medi-Captains won second prize and proved their mettle by showing their awareness in all the fields.

Inter - House Basket Ball Competition (Classes VI to IX) 21.10.16

21st Oct 2016 Interhouse Basketball Competition gave a platform to the students of classes VI to IX to bring out their talent in the sport. 11 players of each house were selected from the trial session. Qualifying matches were played in 2 slots Aakash House - Pawan House and Prithvi House - Agni House. Pawan House and Prithvi House qualified for the finals and played against each other to win the BasketBall Competition. All others cheered their House teams and the court was full of energy and enthusiasm. Prtihvi House won the match and celebrated their success and everyone congratulated the winning team.

Ad Mad Show (Host) 22.10.16

The interschool Sahodaya Samagam Ad Mad show competition Cluster III was hosted by MIS in the school premises on 22nd Oct 2016. The show was remarkable in every sense of the word. It gave a new platform to the students to showcase their talent in the field of Ad-Making. Students came up with great innovative concepts and brilliant execution ,the topic was “My Innovation - Never Seen Before’.

Inter - House Cricket Competition (Classes III-V) 24.10.16

Interhouse Cricket Competition held at MIS ,really encouraged the students to bring out their best in the sport. Students of classes III to V participated with full enthusiasm in the Inter House Cricket competition. The final match was played between Aakash House and Prithvi House. Akash House won the toss and chose to bat first. Both the teams were cheered by their respective House members. Aakash House won the match and celebrated their victory on the ground and everyone congratulated the winning team.

Diwali DJ Party 26.10.16

The most awaited festival of India ‘Diwali’ was celebrated at MIS with lot of joy and enthusiasm . Different competitions were organized to bring out the hidden talents of students. There were Diya decoration, Kalash Decoration, Thali Decoration, Lamp making, Toran making, Mandna making , Rangoli making competitions etc. To highlight the show students of class VIII and IX displayed their culinary skills in the form of fireless cooking, which came out very well. The day was a great fun and students enjoyed a lot.

Naiduniya Quiz 21.12.16

Naiduniya organised “Gurukul”, in which students were taught the culture and moral values of India through 24 Gurukul stories. In order to test their knowledge they were given a booklet of questions which was to be answered through OMR sheets. This initiative was to bring them closer to the world of stories and inculcate moral values. Students of Medi-Caps took active part and enjoyed the short and interesting stories.

Christmas Assembly 22.12.16

Christmas Assembly On 22nd Dec, 2016 students of class VII B presented a special assembly on Christmas. Students performed a beautiful skit showing the importance of Christmas tree and the things which are hanged on it like candy, star, present, Socks, etc. The skit concluded that each one of us are important in some or the other manner and we must respect each other’s talent. At the end of the program Santa Clause came and filled the entire ambience with joy and danced with everyone with great enthusiasm. All the children enjoyed to the tunes of “ Jingle Bells”.

Rangrezz (Drawing Competition) 22.12.16

Rangrez 94.3 My FM organised a drawing competition under the banner “Rangrez” for which the theme was “Swachh Indore” children showed their creativity and put their unique ideas on the canvas. RJ Navneet came to organise the event, he enlightened the children on “How to be an RJ” and gave innovative ideas to improve English and general knowledge by reading good books and listening to good orators. Then he interacted with students personally and answered their queries.

Apple Workshop 26.12.16

Apple Workshop A workshop by Apple was organised for teachers in which they were given details of the use of latest technology through I-pads. The resource person was Ms. Shefali, Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) from Canadian International School Bangalore. She gave insightful knowledge on using I-pads apps in order to discover learning.