The students of Medi-Caps International School celebrated “Ganesh Chaturthi” in a unique way. As the school is concerned about the fast degrading environment caused by air and water pollution, students made eco friendly Ganesh Idols. Students of classes III to VIII enacted on various stories of Ganesha. Ganesh Sthapana was done on 17th Sept’2015 with proper rituals. All the students enthusiastically enjoyed the spiritual shouts of “GANPATI BAPA MOURYA.” The Festival was celebrated with utmost Discipline and devotion.


Green Day was celebrated on 26th Aug’2015 in a very Fantastic way. All the pre primary children and teachers were dressed up in green colour dresses. Everybody was happy and excited. Some of the children were dressed up as tree, capsicum, peas, ladyfinger etc. Students were made aware about importance of being environmental friendly. They were motivated to reduce the use of plastics bags and encouraged to take care of Mother Earth. Students carried away with them the concern about eat green and go green. Plantation activity was done by students with great enthusiasm. Name of different green vegetables were introduced to students.


Guru Purnima is an Indian festival dedicated to spiritual and academic teachers was celebrated on 31st July’15. Students of MIS were made aware about the importance of gurus and respecting them in their life and they were taught that the best form of worship of guru is to follow his teachings. The dance performances by the students were the other main attraction of the program. The essence of the performance was to show the importance of a Guru in one's life.


An Inter house Hindi Poem Recitation competition for the students of classes I to VIII was held on 17th July’15. It was conducted in three categories viz. Junior, Sub-junior and Senior category. Many beautiful poems written by famous poet captivated the hall. The idea behind this competition was the enhancement of speaking skills where students exhibited expression, feelings, thought etc. This gave a platform to students to strengthen their confidence level.


An Inter house Hindi story telling competition was held on 31st July’15. The idea behind this was to increase the vocabulary , confidence of the children and to encourage students to read story books at their leisure. Children presented variety of interesting stories with good introduction of themselves.


The students and staff of Medi-Caps International School celebrated Independence day with a great zeal and enthusiasm. The following programs were presented :- 1) Unfurling of National Flag 2) National Anthem 3) March Past 4) Dance performances 5) Poem Recitations 6) PT demonstration 7) Karate demonstration 8) Group Song 9) Speech The participants spell bound the audience with their performance and also energized them with patriotic fervor. Students Remembered the sacrifices done by our freedom fighter and paid respect to the leaders who fought for India’s freedom in the past. All took oath to respect our nation always.


“May Lord Krishna … The symbol peace and love.. Fill up our lives… With Joy and prosperity.. Lord Krishna was born on Janmashtami Day in the month of Shraavan at midnight. Medi-Captains celebrated Janmashtami with great pomp and show 4th september’15. The little Krishnas and Radhas looked adorable in their traditional costumes and the entire area was transformed into a land of joy, celebrations and happiness. Matki phod program was also arranged and performed by students very enthusiastically. After that all the students and teachers danced and played Raas-Garba together. The entire event was enjoyed by all the students of Medicaps International School….


We are the school that’s super cool , A splish splash Rainy Day The Tiny tots of Medi-caps International school celebrated Rainy day on 4th August’15 . They were very excited about the idea of getting wet in rain with raincoats and umbrellas. Kids explored the colour blue and essence of rainy season through various activities. Tiny toddlers enjoyed the paper boat activity too by singing rhyme row, row, row your boat… They went happily with great excitement and memories of the day


“Phoolon ka Taaron ka Sabka Kehna hai.. Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai….. Relationships are the essence of any festivity and it holds true for any Indian festival. Rakshabandhan is a celebration of sacred bond of affection between brother and sisters. Rakhi making competition for the students of Classes Nursery to VIII was held on 21st August’2015. All the children were very excited during making rakhis. After the competition Raksha bandhan ceremony was celebrated in a traditional way. Girls tied rakhi to the boys while boys presented them a greeting card and gifts. It was the day when Medi-Captains prayed for each other’s well being and wished for each other’s happiness and good will.


Show and Tell competition was held on 18th Sept’2015. In the competition all the children participated with lots of enthusiasm. Children brought different things from their homes and spoke various lines on it. The manner in which they spoke was full of confidence and they used lots of creativity in their words. Their efforts were appreciated by judges and by everyone. This event helped students to organize information and build their confidence level. It also helped them to come out of stage fear and to enhance the skill of public speaking.


Ms. Kusumika Chatterjee, a teacher, a well renowned story teller and “Queens Award Winner” from U.K visited our school on 28th August'2015. On arrival at the school , she was welcomed by the students. In her insightful interaction with children, she explained the story with different hand gestures and Mohiniyattam mudras and various facial expressions. She taught English grammar by musical method and elaborated about five basic elements of story telling ie SIGHT, MIND, SOUL, EXPRESSION AND BODY”. Her love towards children and affection in teaching is praise worthy . All the children attended the session very happily and attentively. This visit of Ms. Kusumika Chatterjee has been a gracious moment for all of us.


Medi-caps International School mourned for India's most beloved President and iconic leader Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on 31st July'2015. Tributes and condolence poured in by the Principal, teachers and all the students. Though it seems like the end of one great leader , scholar, beloved teacher and missile man, in reality Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam will continue to inspire and influence many hearts in generations to come. Many students read out the quotation written by him and remembered him for what a great personality he was.