Message from Founder

Learning is a lifelong process.


Intelligence should be an outcome of continuous and rigorous learning. There should be no end to learning and the ultimate aim of education should be to prepare students for the journey called life.

We understand that in today’s fiercely competitive world, students are losing on their original flavor; they are more fascinated to modern day gadgets than to international bestsellers, more inclined towards preparing for regular exams than preparing for the tests of life and more attracted to learning subjects than learning substance.

And hence, we at Medi-Caps International School, strive to develop an environment which would give our students a platform to generate new and innovative ideas with a fresh but practical approach. Our management is committed to create an educational environment where there would be a perfect blend of time tested and contemporary methods that would reinforce in our students’ linguistic, logical, mathematical, naturalist, spatial, inter and intra personal skills along with regular curriculum.

However, we are also strong believers of the fact that whatever we have dreamt of is only possible when parents contribute and support in accomplishing our mission.

The world beyond the boundaries of school is very different from the one students experience in their school lives and we sincerely wish to bring our students out of the cocoon of student hood and make them real individuals.

Welcome aboard!

Medi-Caps Charitable Trust