Medi-Caps Advantage

We prepare students for their future.

Medi-Caps is a prestigious name in the education arena since past 15 years and with the rich and diverse experience of teaching students at a senior level, we do understand that future belongs to the youth and thus it has become imperative to shape them from very early stage of their life.

The world has now become globally competitive and so imparting education which remains useful to students even after 20 years from today has taken a front foot in our teaching philosophy.

Medi-Caps has always been known for its simple but practical approach towards teaching, for its honest and down-to-earth approach and hence became first choice of students who like to be educated rather than just taught. And we would carry the same approach at Medi-Caps International School, where teaching and learning would score higher over everything else.

In a nut-shell:

  1. Medi-Caps International lays high emphasis on developing the reading abilities of children, making them avid readers which would not only help them gain knowledge but also would help them gain an excellent command over language. We provide language labs to further develop their proficiency in language so that it will not become a barrier at any stage of life.
  2. For the first time in schooling, we have come up with the concept of remedial classes where not-so-good performer would be given classes to rectify their flaws and make them more self confident.
  3. Medi-Caps offer Boys hostel for students residing out of Indore, which would be like a second home to them. We offer facilities like safety, security, experienced warden, technology aided campus, mess etc.
  4. We leave no stone unturned to keep our students abreast of changing times and trends and make them competent enough to take up challenges of this highly demanding world.