Math Week (06.11.2017 – 11.11.2017)

The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.

Maths! Maths! Maths! For a week, this was one element prevalent in the MIS Junior block from 6th –11th Nov 2017. Each and every section of the Junior Block was involved in activities to commemorate the subject that encompasses almost every sphere of life. All children were actively involved in activities for understanding the concept of shapes, fun with number games and many more.

Students played interesting games with numbers and learnt the concept of before, after and between numbers. Students were made to understand the concept of shapes by play way method; in collaboration to it worksheet based on theme shape was given to clear the concept more precisely. Tiny tots played chit game with beads, Bindi pasting activity etc., with purpose of learning number counting.  Teachers made humble efforts by painting numbers on staircase to provide opportunity to tiny tots to learn backward counting. Indeed, eventually, hearing “We love maths!” from students was like music to the teachers’ ears.