To get an insight into the corporate world and how they affect our society, our school undertook a project on Rise of the corporate world under the ISA. As a part of this project, the Class IX students of MIS visited the Best Price store in Indore( a unit of Wal mart). They learnt about the nuances of product marketing and sales and supply chain management through international channels. The students further shared their experience and learning on the corporate world through a Radio show and also participated in an Essay writing Competition on the success journey of the corporate houses.

Our school organized a very interesting and yummiliscious cookery show named Ambrosia on November 17, 2018. This was a great experience for all the students and their parents. The student-parent duo came thoroughly prepared with a variety of cuisines from Thailand, Lebanon, Mexico, S. Africa, Australia and India. The day was full of fun and excitement with the aroma raising the appetite. The event was adjudicated by renowned cookery expert Mrs. Sandhya Mirchandani of Lazeez Culinary Academy, Indore. Our students also participated in Scrapbook Making Competition, where they collected information and data on various spices and cuisines around the world. This was a collaborative project between MIS and St. Xavier's High School, Khulna (Bangladesh).

In order to depict the family bonding prevalent around the world , the students performed a skit, to show the kind of family entities existing globally. This skit was also a part of the Annual Day Function of MIS.We also had a skype chat with our international partner St. Xavier's High School, khulna(Bangladesh), wherein students shared pictures of their families and also discussed their family bonding. Their ISA Co ordinator Mr. Mohd. Zakariya Khan extended a big hand of co operation to execute the complete activity

In order to analyze the impact that media especially print media has on people and society at large, a project was carried out as an ISA activity. Under this, a visit to Nai Duniya printing press was planned wherein students of class X, learnt the intricate details of printing press, right from its onset to the present form. To get an in depth view of the same, students did some extensive research and have a Group Discussion on the print media culture of various countries like Germany, France, USA ,India etc.

Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understood. Music brings the world together and makes the world a global village. To celebrate this universal language of melody Medi-Caps International School did a project on music of different countries. Under this project, two activities were performed. The first one was a musical show for Aakashwani which was broadcast on radio. The other was a Music Fest which was also a part of the Annual Function of MIS.This project helped to bring out the true essence of unity in diversity through music.