Inter House swimming competition 27.10.17

Inter-House Swimming Competition was organized at Medi-Caps International School  on 27 October, 2017 for boys and girls of classes from VII – X in which  the stands from four respective houses participated with great excitement and zest.  It was a display of beautiful athleticism and sportsmanship as swimmers dove into the inviting water and speedily made their way through the length of the pool. There were moments of breath taking sporting ability as some swimmers easily outstripped the others in the lanes next to them. The clappers and splashes echoed throughout the swimming pool with enthusiastic swimmers diving in and climbing out of the pool. The winners are as follow:


Position              Name                                            class/section                            House

I                            Mahi Modi                                       VIIA                                      Pawan

II                          Arwa Engeneeringwala                VIIIA                                       Agni

III                         Sneha Tomar                                VIIB                                       Pawan


Position              Name                                           class/section                        House

I                            Abu Shama Qureshi                   IXC                                      Pawan

II                          Huzefa Mahidpurwala               XA                                      Aakash

III                         Shreeram Dogaya                      IXB                                      Prithvi

 Water Relay Race.

On October 27, 2017 Medi-Caps International School organized Water Relay Race for the students of classes V and VI. The atmosphere was electric with the cheers of the students and the enthusiasm of the participants. It was pleasing to see confidence and dedication bursting out of the players’ hearts and souls and enjoyed thoroughly by everybody. Superb performance was displayed by the students. The winners are:


Position              Name                                  class/section                          House

I                            Diksha Solanki                        VB                                       Pawan

II                          Rajeshwari Jhala                    VB                                         Agni

III                         Rujul Karpe                              VA                                      Aakash


Position              Name                              class/section                      House

I                            Mayank Sule                      VA                                    Pawan

II                          Jayesh Dhakad                VA                                       Agni

III                         Vinayak Mandloi             VB                                     Pawan


Position              Name                                 class/section                   House

I                            Ananya Mourya               VIB                                     Aakash

II                          Kavya Shah                       VIC                                    Agni

III                         Ananya Patidar               VIC                                     Pawan



Position              Name                         class/section                           House

I                            Purv Hemnani                 VIC                                     Pawan

II                          Vansh Sharma                  VIB                                    Aakash

III                         Chitu Bhagat                     VIB                                    Pawan


Aqua run

‘’The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’

As a fun activity, on October27, 2017 a 50m. ‘Aqua Run’ was conducted at Medi-Caps International School for the students of classes III and IV. It added buzz of anticipation and excitement as it was perfect for a dip in the pool.  The students flocked to the pool side.  It was noisy but fantastic. Children showed the spirit with a quest to win the run. Overall the performance of all participants was worth appreciation. The winners are:


Position              Name                        class/section                            House

I                            Aanya Shrivastav             IIID                                     Agni

II                          Bhumi Khatod                  IIIB                                    Pawan

III                         Suhani Agrawal               IIIC                                   Aakash


Position              Name                        class/section                            House

I                            Anuj Dhoot                       IIIA                                    Prithvi

II                          Daksh Dharwar               IIIA                                   Aakash

III                         Arjeet Meena                   IIIA                                   Aakash

III                         Tanush Gajkeshwar        IIID                                   Aakash


Position              Name                        class/section                            House

I                            Navya Gupta                    IVB                                     Prithvi

II                          Aarna Pancholi                IVB                                     Aakash

III                         Larika Neema                   IVB                                     Prithvi


Position              Name                        class/section                            House

I                            Yajurved                           IVB                                     Pawan

II                          Braj Sule                           IVB                                     Agni

III                         Kevalya Agrawal              IVA                                    Aakash