January 2020
Science and Social Science Exhibition JUNIOR

I hear and I forget I see and I remember I do and I understand At MIS we believe that the only source of knowledge is experience therefore we ensure to create an environment where learning demands thinking and occurs naturally. On Saturday, January 11, 2020 a Science and Social Science Exhibition was organized to provide our Medi-Captains, a platform to display their hands on experiences. They were questioned, interrogated and were baffled by the questions regarding their projects but they stood rock firm and answered with their erudition. There were many unique projects on Science such as sound visualizer, effect of smoke on lungs, uses and process of electroplating, app designing for school etc. Social Science projects included many innovative ideas like ideal village where energy from all non conventional sources would be generated and utilized there by minimizing the use of non-renewable sources of energy. It truly depicted that Energy and persistence conquer all things

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Anubhooti JUNIOR

Even without eyes they have a vision Very few have a passion to live the life with a never giving up attitude . Medi-Caps was privileged to receive the visually impaired students from Anubhooti on Friday, January 10,2020. Medi-Captains got a chance to spend time as they played, danced and sang songs with them. Even the students from Anubhooti were very confident on mike, they spoke well about their institution, shared hilarious jokes, recited poems and also made melody which were very canorous to our ears. Medi-Captains salute their passion, determination to live life along with their gratitude to God for respecting life no matter what the challenges are.

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