E.V.S week 18.12.2017 – 22.12.2017

The Environment Week provides the opportunity to teach and sensitize students towards their environment through various activities spanning the week. Medi Caps International School organized EVS Week from 18th to 22nd December, 2017 for the students of Junior Block. The students were involved in plethora of events to explore the world around them. Tiny tots of Nursery to UKG learnt about Myself, My Family, My School, Sense organs,  had a nature walk to see different living and non-livings things, parts of a plant in the surrounding and performed hands on activities like floating & Sinking etc.

Students of classes I & II got the learning of concepts like how magnet works, volcanic eruption, soluble & insoluble solutions, Air is needed for burning, working models of Saving  Electricity, Concepts of Freezing, Melting, Evaporation, States of Matter, making wind vane etc.

The idea was to develop curiosity and interest through observation and experiential learning among the children through a wide range of fun, interactive educational activities.

The children enjoyed the week and learnt many new things about their surrounding.