Medi-Caps guides its student into a world of opportunities with the confidence born of achievement in the range of activities open to them. They are encouraged to enjoy the excitement of learning and the adventure of a wide span of leisure and service activities.

Every student is encouraged to recognize the importance of physical exercise in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle Yoga, Aerobics, Tai Chi are some of the activities offered at Medi-Caps .

All students learn Essential Skills through activities such as Music, Dance, Drama and Role-play, Voice-it, First-aid, Culinary Arts, Art and Craft, Reading and Community Service.

Weekend activities are organized through various clubs for Fine Arts, Gardening, Mathematics, Science, Quiz, School Newsletter, Pottery, Conservation and Lego. The schedule also allows ample free time for the children to engage in other recreational avenues and hobbies of their choice.

Essential Skills

  • Music
  • Music at Medi-Caps is a fun activity. Every pupil is encouraged to play at least one musical instrument or take singing lessons or music appreciation classes. Students are taken to concerts as a learning experience. We have separate studios for instrumental and vocal music.

  • Art
  • A well-equipped Art Room develops their confidence and skills in area such as drawing, painting, pottery, model, making and sculpture. We hold art appreciation workshops for the students and staff at regular intervals.

  • Theatre and Drama
  • Students are exposed to all aspects of theatre, which include lighting, production, stage design and costumes, through workshops conducted by experts. Drama classes commence with play readings, and or viewing of famous theatrical productions.

  • Voice It
  • Voice it sessions take the form of debates, extempore talks, and discussions. Once every term this forum is used review discipline rules.