Child Abuse Orientation Session 13/10/2017

With an objective of spreading awareness and sensitivity among students about the importance of personal safety, an orientation programme was organized for the students of Nursery to class V on 13.10.17. The children were made aware of the ‘safe and unsafe touch’ through an informative video. This animated film was about a young chirpy girl named Komal, who was sexually abused by her father’s friend. It showed how her family responded after she shared the truth with her mother. Through this animation film, the students were alarmed about the sensitive topic of child sexual abuse in a simple and interactive manner so that they can be better equipped to protect themselves and take help from the trusted adults, if ever caught in similar situation. The students also got to know about the four important zones in the human body so that they can talk about it freely to someone they trust the most in the time of need. They were also made aware of the child helpline number 1098, India’s first twenty four hour, toll free, phone outreach for children in case of aid or emergency.