A separate academic block has been developed for our little stars to help them learn in friendly and stress free environment. Junior block is equipped with all the facilities like a separate Play area, Library, Dance & Music room, Art & Craft room, Audio Visual room, Mess etc., that helps the blooming buds to learn in their own natural style and develop a keen sense of the basics of life which would help them grow as intelligent adults. The junior school also has a Mont Lab with all the ultra-modern facilities and equipments. The block has been purposely kept separate so that kids remain away from the hustle bustle of senior students and feel comfortable with other kids of their age.


School has a separate senior block with all the amenities required to develop our senior students. We are committed to invest in a number of innovative research and learning methodology through state-of-art academic facilities. Smart classrooms, Library, Language lab, Computer lab, Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology labs), Social Science lab and Sports Complex are the amenities provided to the students to foster overall development.


Qualified and competent instructors manage the sports department to expose the participants to high quality coaching in a wide range of sports-specific skills and to provide them with quality experiences. The focus is on developing the potential and to equip them with the necessary technical, mental and physical skills to perform at a higher level.


❝Our boarding is a miniature of life.❞

At MIS, the residential facilities are of high standards. Hostel has been meticulously designed keeping in mind the safety and security of children where they are provided not only with a homely ambience but also with the opportunities to enhance creativity & learning.

The rooms are spacious and airy with adequate natural light and independent storage space. Children reside in groups of 8. Students are encouraged to develop a sense of pride for their living area and responsibility for the upkeep of their belongings.


To be happy and successful in today's highly competitive world, a child needs to be confident and articulate. Enthusiastic students who learn to speak clearly and relate confidently with their peers, develop skills that make journey through life much easier. The developmental drama program provides young children with unique opportunities to develop clear speech, fluent delivery and pleasing social skills.

At the centre of the school building is a unique open air Amphitheatre with large performance stage, surrounded by ascending seats. Children gather here for morning Assembly and for various cultural competitions which give them scope to showcase their talents, creativity and gain confidence.