Boys Hostel

Our boarding is a miniature of life.

A boarding school is a home away from home. At Medicaps, the residential facilities are of high standards. Hostels have been designed where children are provided with not only a homely ambience but also with the opportunities to enhance creativity & learning, keeping in mind the safety and security of children. The rooms are spacious and airy with adequate natural light and independent storage space. Children reside in groups of 8. Students are encouraged to develop a sense of pride for their living area and responsibility for the upkeep of their belongings.

Salient Features:

  • Individual study units are provided for the children in designated Prep Rooms. These study units are specially designed to ensure personal privacy, yet they allow adult supervision. A student can keep his / her belongings including books, note books and personal articles in these study units.
  • All boarding houses are wired up through fibre optic cable and CAT 6 cable with wireless access points to allow student’s to use the latest technology in the form of restricted and safe access to the Internet and our own internal network as an aid to learning and communication.
  • A linen room within the building keeps all the uniforms and other extra clothing of every student. The linen room ensures clean and timely management of student wear.
  • Each Block has a recreation room with television, Music System and indoor games like caroms and chess.
  • The children are under the care of committed and trained staff ranging from senior faculty to matrons and support staff. Senior faculty would include House masters and tutors who are responsible for the holistic development of every child with the role of counsellor.
  • The Welfare of the children is the responsibility of the warden / Matron guided by a counsellor and a student mentor.
  • The homes of housemasters are adjacent or physically attached to the hostel to enable close supervision and support

Parents / Guardians and children have to abide by the rules and regulations framed by the school for the hostel facilities. Admissions to the hostel are based on the personal interview of the student.

The school has a modern and scientifically designed dining facility comprising of a well equipped and spacious kitchen, dining hall, pantries and storage area and a R.O drinking water plant.
Experienced catering professionals are responsible for the facility. Staff members dine along with the children, so do all visitors and parents with prior information. The Food served is nutritious, wholesome and varied. Menus are drawn up in consultation with the students to ensure that they enjoy their food.
Parents are free to visit the dining hall after taking a prior appointment with the concerned school authorities.


Medical Caremedical-care-small
No Stone is left unturned when it comes to the physical well being of child.The school is well equipped with infirmary. Panels of specialist visit to the school for periodic health check-ups. First aid and preliminary treatment is provided to all the residents of campus. Children are transferred to a city hospital under specialist care in case of any serious ailments.


Counseling counselling-small
The school has a comprehensive and well defined counselling program which promotes and enhances students learning and contributes towards making them confident, caring and responsible individuals. Students are also helped to adjust to the boarding environment.Proactive and preventive in content, the program assists students to acquire and use life skills and focus on 3 broad and interrelated areas of student development- academic, career and personal / interpersonal. The counsellors also guide students, staff and families through various activities.


Remedial Educationremedial-small
The counselling programme also ensures equal opportunities for all students to participate fully in the educational process. Learning difficulties, if any, are identified. There is a special resource room, which facilitates remedial teaching, for the children identified with such difficulties.