r_c_mittal_chairman_medicapAs people say great ideas happen when networks of people connect. We are making deeper and stronger connections with researcher and practitioner networks.
Our Vision and Mission is our strength and provides a conduit between corporate needs and our students. The Institute was founded in 2000 to foster the development of new approaches to technical knowledge and has enjoyed a long standing synergy with both the sectors. Since its inception, the breadth and depth of research has dramatically expanded.

These policies have produced the remarkable results over the past few years. This coverage enhances the brand image of the name of the college and at the same time, each faculty member. All this has been due to the leadership and greater access and awareness of staff /faculty research. In the past six months, our faculty research has received outstanding exposure in various ways. Our faculty has also been recognized in the past year with the awards in different fields. The Institute provides new avenues for the full development of the students to explore the heights and its mission is becoming increasingly important in today’s globalized and expanding world. With this in mind and through work in the classroom, international opportunities, and co-curricular programs, it continues to expand horizons, challenge stereotypes, and open doors to lives of service, understanding, respect, and faith.

As each Medi-Caps graduate and post graduate goes forth to apply wisdom in service, he or she is given the opportunity to impact the lives of others in powerful and positive ways. Our students are MGI’s gift to the greater good with the commitment to social justice for all.

Continued best wishes and success to you all!

Shri R. C. Mittal