Whether it is solving algebraic equations, understanding the human heart or reciting Shakespeare, our students are ably guided by trained and experienced faculty to develop a genuine urge for learning and problem solving. This fosters an environment of enquiry and a joy of learning.
The classroom environment is close knit and focused owing to the restricted intake of admissions in each grade. A limited number of students allow the teachers to form an excellent rapport with them. As a result, they are aware of their strengths and vulnerabilities which, helps teachers work individually with every student to bring out their best.
Our labs, including Science and Computer Lab, are as per specifications and fully equipped. Our Library is well stocked with Academic as well as reference books along with current affairs magazines and ample other reading material to help students with their projects and class works. The Library is accessible to the students all through the day.
At Prudence, we provide a caring and stable ecosystem in which the child can undergo rapid emotional, physical and cognitive development and meet the academic, social and cultural needs of an international student body. Our school is socially equitable, democratic, and fair. With our world class unique facilities, diverse student population and range of co-curricular activities, every student is provided with the opportunity to meet the highest personal and academic standards possible.
Medi-Caps International School offers a right mix of curriculum keeping in mind the diverse needs of the future global citizens. We are affiliation with CBSE Curriculum. We are offering a CBSE integrated curriculum from grade I – VII for academic year 2015-16.